What are Pod Systems?

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Pod systems are all the rage in the vaping market and we are seeing a massive increase in sales of this particular type of device.  It combines ease of use with compactness which are major benefits for a lot of vapers, particularly mouth to lung vapers that have moved away from cigarettes.

Let’s find out a little more about this relatively new type of vaping system…

What is a pod vape system?

Pod systems are small vaping devices that hold cartridges filled with e-liquid.  These cartridges fit into the device which in itself holds a built in battery.  There are two types of pod systems on the market today – refillable pod systems and pre-filled pod systems.

Refillable pod systems have empty ‘pods’ contained within them which are manually filled by the user.  The pods are essentially eliquid chambers that the user can fill with a number of different flavours.

Prefilled pods are closed vaping devices whereby the user inserts prefilled pods into the device and when the pod is finished, it is thrown away and replaced with a new filled pod.

Pod benefits

The pod devices function in a similar way to a traditional atomiser tank setup, whereby the eliquid it contains is heated up and the vapour inhaled.  However there are some clear benefits for pod systems over other setups:

  • Price – although the cost of the pods themselves can vary in price, pod systems on the whole are cheaper than a traditional mod / tank setup
  • Stealth – pod systems tend to have minimal vapour production and are generally very small pocket-size devices. Therefore they can be used without drawing attention.
  • Convenience – Pod systems are generally very small pocket size devices and as aresult are very easy to carry around.  This portability is a great benefit for those that want to vape on the move.  The other benefit in this regard is that there is no need to carry around bottle of e-liquid to top the device up
  • Usability – pod systems are very easy to use, it is a case of pushing in a pod, pressing the button and vaping!  Perfect for beginners or for those that are worried about changing coils, maintaining mods, etc.  They are extremely low maintenance systems that require little TLC
  • Secure – pod systems generally are some of the most leak proof vaping devices on the market, due to the fact that the e-liquid is tightly contained in a pod, as opposed to a traditional tank.
  • Better for ex-smokers – when compare to a sub ohm device, pod systems are generally better for achieving the mouth to lung hit that ex-smokers will be looking for.  This helps to replicate the feel of smoking a traditional cigarette.  Pod system eliquids are generally on the higher nicotine side too for those that are looking for a stranger vape.

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