How to transition from Cigarettes to Vaping

We all know that cigarette smoking is linked to many different health problems, and many cigarette smokers are actively looking to kick the habit.

One method that has proven extremely effective in helping smokers to quit cigarettes is vaping. Vapers are said to be 95% more likey to kick the habit for good, and at True Vape we are passionate about helping people make the transition from smokers to vapers!

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What is Vapers Tongue?

A fairly common side effect of vaping is the inability to taste flavour for a short period, often known as ‘vapers tongue’. But don’t panic, nothing is actually wrong with your tongue – the reason this happens is simply over-stimulation of your taste receptors.
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True Vape at a doctors near you!

True Vape are proud to be displaying information videos in the waiting rooms of a number of doctor’s surgeries across the Midlands, including the Droitwich BMI Hospital.

We were approached to lead this fantastic campaign to help people give up smoking cigarettes by switching to vaping. Read more

Mouth to Lung Vaping

You may have heard the term ‘mouth to lung’ many times during your vaping journey, but what exactly is it?

Well there are essentially two main vaping techniques – mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung. Direct to lung is usually associated with sub ohm vaping, where the vapour is inhaled directly into the lungs and the exhaled.

This technique is generally used to create vast plumes of vapour cloud. Mouth to lung however is very different and is perhaps the best method for those that are taking on vaping to give up smoking cigarettes. Read more

Have you tried Vampire Vape?

Vampire Vape is a multi award winning e-liquid manufacturer based in the UK.

More importantly it is by far the best-selling e-liquid at True Vape.

The range offers some delicious flavours, suitable for both new and experienced vapers, including the mighty and widely imitated Heisenberg flavour. A must try vape!

Whether you are a mouth to lung vaper or a short fill e-liquids sub-ohmer, Vampire Vape has something for everyone: Read more

What are Shortfill E-Liquids?

What are Shortfill e-liquids?

Shortfill e-liquids are essentially larger bottles of 0mg e-liquid with room at the top for adding nicotine. They’re called shortfills because of the gap at the top – so the bottle is ‘short filled’.

They came about as a response to the TPD restrictions (10ml max bottle size for nicotine containing e-liquids).

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Nicotine Shot And Shortfill Mixing Guide

What is a shortfill?
Shortfills are large bottles ranging from 20ml through to 100ml containing 0mg Nicotine free e-liquid. They are always bigger so that Nicotine shots can be added to the juice. Read more