Ditch the Fags Part 2: The Benefits of Vaping

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In this article we provide you with some cold hard facts about vaping and how it can be much more beneficial when compared to smoking cigarettes.  Although there is still little evidence regarding any long term negative effects of vaping, it is widely reported to be many, many times safer than traditional cigarette or cigar smoking.

Here are some facts for you to consider when beginning your transition from ‘analogues’ to e-cigarettes…


Vaping replaces the mental addiction of smoking

One of the hardest things about giving up smoking is replacing the physical act of smoking a cigarette.  This is something that patches, gum, hypnotherapy, etc just can’t provide.  Vaping however provides a similar hand-to mouth action of smoking, thereby acting as a perfect substitute without the known long-term harm.


Vaping is cheaper than smoking cigarettes

With  the price of 20 cigarettes increasing every year, smoking has become a very expensive habit.  Vaping however can be a lot easier on the wallet.  Yes of course you can get carried away with a vast juice collection and array of vaping devices, however if the goal is to keep things simple, we offer extremely affordable starter vaping kits which are of course reusable – you just have to keep buying e-liquid and coils.  But even these are much cheaper when compared to cigarettes.


Vaping works as an aid to give up smoking

A group of scientists from Queen Mary University’s Wolfson Institute of Preventative Medicine in London conducted a clinical trial where smokers trying to quit were given different selections of smoking cessation products.  The experiment lasted for a 90-days, and the results were then tracked for each participant for a full year.  What the scientists determined is that approximately 20% of the vaping group were successful in remaining smoke-free for an entire 12-months.  Comparatively, only 8% percent of the three groups using more conventional nicotine replacement therapies exhibited similar rates of success.


Vaping is safer than cigarette smoking

It has widely been reported in the the medical press that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking based on extensive research. Vaping does not involve any combustion, nor does it produce any tar, which are the main reasons for smoking cigarettes being so dangerous to health.  In addition to avoiding the fatal diseases associated with cigarette and cigar smoking, new vapers are likely to have improved oral hygiene, better skin, improved circulation, greater lung capacity and a better sense of smell and taste, when making the transition from analogue smoking.


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