How do you choose the right e-liquid?

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So you’ve put the cigarette down, bought a vape and now it’s time to choose your juice. But how do you choose the right e-liquid? With so many options you can be left lost and confused, especially if you are new to vaping. There are a few things you should consider before diving in; this includes the flavour, nicotine strength and the amount of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG) in each juice. Choosing the right e-liquid is one of the most important parts of your vaping experience. It’s simple, if you aren’t happy with your flavour then you will not want to use your vape.

E-liquid flavours

Choosing your flavour is down to personal preference. Yes we can offer our advice, favourite flavours and what we think is best but we can’t control your tastebuds. In fact you might be surprised to find you enjoy vaping flavours you were not expecting to like. The world is at your feet, use it to explore the thousands of options available to you; whether you enjoy that tobacco flavour, a soft sweet strawberry doughnut feel or a fruity melon twist, there is something for everyone.

For many, a tobacco-inspired flavour is a popular choice. If you are someone that enjoys the earthy, aromatic, nutty or even sweet taste then this might be something for you. However, when you decide to quit smoking you’ll start noticing your sense of smell and taste buds come back, so – even if you have started out with a tobacco taste – you’ll probably start to crave that fruity goodness the longer you go on.

Mint and menthol flavoured e-liquids are also available and are  very popular. With these types of flavours it is good to explore, you’ll know from the very start what is and isn’t right for you. However, anything that isn’t tobacco, menthol or mint flavoured takes a little  trial and error. As there is an array of different flavours available, you’ll need to evaluate and explore until you find the perfect fit. Here at True Vape, we offer our expertise to help with this difficult decision – we want to make this a fun experience, not overwhelming.

Nicotine strength

Perfect, you’ve chosen your flavour; now it’s time to determine what nicotine strength you’ll need. The great thing is you have almost all control over your intake. When you smoke, your body becomes used to an amount of nicotine going into your system at certain times. Vaping allows you to replicate that nicotine intake, but in a less harmful way. There are different amounts you can have put in, such as 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg or 0mg; the lower the mg, the less nicotine is contained in the e-liquid – you just have to find what will suit you best.


This is for those who have cut down their nicotine but still feel they need the action of either vaping or having a cigarette.


This is one of the lowest amounts available and is good for light smokers. This strength is also ideal for those who are quitting smoking and have been slowly reducing their intake – it works as the final step of the process.


This more depends on the strength of what you’re used to; in some cases 3mg may be better suited. 6mg does however give you that nicotine buzz that you might find yourself craving.


This is perfect for the average smoker. It’s a great place to start to help ease you into vaping and suppress the cravings that come from smoking.


This is a high nicotine level and is aimed at those who are getting through an extreme number of cigarettes a day – sometimes 20 plus. As you move away from the smoking habit, you’ll find that you can reduce the amount you are taking in.

Vape juice for a strong throat hit

Smoking gives a harsh hit to the back of the throat and many people miss that when they decide to quit. To help replicate that strong hit, you will need to choose an e-liquid that contains plenty of propylene glycol. Although it isn’t just e-liquid that affects the hit, it does play a key role.

E-liquids for a smooth throat hit

Nicotine salts have been invented to help create a smoother throat hit, as well as possibly increasing the speed of nicotine delivery for a more satisfying feeling. These are especially popular with new vapers and are ideal if you prefer light/mild cigarettes and tobacco. For a smoother throat hit you can also use e-liquids that contain a higher amount of vegetable glycerol – it is recommended to use this with more advanced equipment.

So, when choosing the right e-liquid, it’s harder than just picking a flavour and moving on – wouldn’t you agree? Luckily there are things you can consider to help make this an enjoyable part of your vaping experience. Remember, one of the benefits to vaping is having so much to choose from – take advantage of this.

Our experts here at True Vape are always on hand to help with all your vaping needs. We stock a wide range of products ranging from e-liquids and coils to tanks and accessories. Call us today on 01527 759090 or email us at to discuss any queries or place an order. You can also visit our shop to browse our range of flavours and take advice from the experts.

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