Why True Vape loves the Geek Bar

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Here at True Vape, we are constantly looking to find the best products to meet all of your vaping needs. What if we told you that there is a product that would allow you to vape without the hassle of batteries, charging, tanks or coils? You’d struggle to believe it – we did too but now we can’t wait to tell you why True Vape loves the Geek Bar. We’re pretty sure you will too!

What is a Geek Bar?

To put it simply, Geek Bars are disposable e-cigarettes. They feature an internal 500mAh battery and contain 2ml of 20mg nic salt e-liquid. Yes, this type of vape has been tried before and the outcome hasn’t been great. However, we can confirm this is not the case anymore. Not only does the Geek Bar offer 575 puffs, it also has a constant power output with no set up required. If you are someone who likes how the actual vape looks then you’ll also be glad to know that it comes in a wide range of colours. Oh, and just wait until we get onto the Geek Bars extensive choice of delicious flavours! 

What are its benefits?

With the Geek Bar there are no batteries needed, so it doesn’t need charging and there is no worry about tanks or changing your coils. Also, you don’t have to put any e-liquid in it. So ultimately, vaping has just gotten easy. There are no buttons, it is simply puff activated. They are also disposable and leak proof – we know, a vaper’s dream! Another major benefit is how brilliant the flavours are; in fact it is said that they have better flavour than any other disposable vapes. 

So, what are the flavours like?

Let’s be honest, this is what we are all thinking about. Flavours is where it starts to get serious. They have a range of 13 flavours including: tobacco, menthol, banana ice, blueberry ice, lychee ice, mango ice, peach ice, sour apple, sweet strawberry, watermelon ice, lemon tart, grape and strawberry ice cream. They have a consistent, smooth taste for a truly enjoyable vape experience. 

Why do we love it? / why will you love it?

In the UK, the world finally seems to be opening up again – something we have all been dreaming about – us very much included! The Geek Bar is small; it can fit perfectly inside a handbag or even your pocket. They are the perfect addition for when you are on-the-go, whether that’s for the pub, work, a festival, holidays or nights out – they simply fit every one of your needs. And with events such as the Euros coming up, this will be the perfect way to enjoy watching it, without any stresses regarding your vape. You won’t have to worry about them running out of charge, being heavy or awkward to carry and you can easily dispose of them afterwards. Geek Bars are also excellent if you are trying vaping for the first time as they are easy to get your head around as a beginner.  

It is easy to understand why True Vape loves the Geek Bar. They offer an incredible selection of flavours; the fact it can be easily carried around and how effortless they are to use are just a small handful of reasons why we love it. 

So now you understand Geek Bars and all they have to offer, why not come and take a look for yourself? Our experts are here and happy to help with any enquiries that you may have, whether that is regarding Geek Bars or any other vaping needs.