New E-Liquids at True Vape!

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We have had some awesome new e-liquids arrive at True Vape – the wonderful 7th Floor Cocktails and the amazing Dr Vapes range.

7th floor Cocktails

7 Luxurious and elegant flavours, providing an authentic cocktail flavour minus the alcohol! Take a ride up to the 7th Floor today! You’ll definitely enjoy your stay.  The range includes the following:

Coolcumber Gin – Ready to reset your palate? Classic gin poured over ice with 2 sprigs worth of mint leaves. Muddled and then garnished with a thin cucumber wedge.

Cosmoberry Ice – Cosmoberry Ice Straight up, with a floating raspberry. lemon vodka, frothed with raspberry syrup. Sitting pretty in an elegant cocktail glass. Forever a classic

Mai Tai 1944 – ~Jamaican dark rum, orange curaçao, fresh lime and crushed ice. Shaken to perfection and garnished with a mint sprig.

Moscow Mule – Distilled Vodka splashed over crushed ice in a copper mug. Pour over ginger beer and squeeze of lime. Watch out guys, this mule is kickin’!

Passion Martini – Martini Passion has the plumpest raspberries that are infused with top shelf martini. A chunky slice of passion fruit for luck

Singa Slinga  Developed in the 1900’s on the 7th Floor in a hotel in Singapore. Gin, cherry brandy, cointreau, pineapple juice, bitters and lime topped with grenadine.

Straw Daiquiri – The strawberry is the fruit of love and our love for the Daiquiri knows no limits. Fruity with citric tones, this cocktail stands the test of time!


Dr Vapes

Brewed and bottled, straight out of the Lab by Dr. Vapes. This London based e-liquid range tastes just like a slush puppy!  The range includes the following:

Gold – An explosive burst of Sweet Lychees that packs a punch of flavour on the inhale. Concussion of fruitiness will start creeping up towards the end of the exhale. Trust your Doctor and Stay Prescribed.

Gold Ice – This is the same as Gold but with an added ice blast

Pather Pink – This remedy is a Blackcurrant Soft Drink juicy blend with a hint of Cotton Candy. An all-time favourite for the Doctor.

Panther Pink Smoothie  This remedy is a Blackcurrant Smoothly with a hint of Cotton Candy with Creamy Undertones.

Panther Seres Purple – A delicious mix of green, red and juicy dark grapes blended into a soft drink.