Our Favourite E-liquids!

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For those looking to try something new we’ve rounded up some of our favourite e-liquids from the True Vape collection. The following list contains a selection of juices that are tried, tested and loved by the the True Vape staff, and will always remain part of their e-liquid rotation.  

So without further ado here is our spick of the most delicious vapes we currently stock…

Butterscotch Custard by Padstow Blends

This is a relatively new e-liquid, however it was the juice that got us hooked on Padstow Blends. Padstow Blends. Traditional rich creamy custard flavour with lashings of sweet moreish butterscotch.  It is one off the tastiest butterscoth/ toffees that we’ve ever vaped and those with a sweet tooth are going to love it.

BUY IT HERE – https://www.true-vape.com/product/padstow-blends-butterscotch-custard/ 


Lemon Tart by Dinner Lady

Another dessert / bakery flavour makes the list… and this is an absolute classic.  When we first vaped this a couple of years ago it blew our minds, and still remains one of the most satisfying juices that we stock.  Inspired by a lemon pudding, it features a very authentic tangy lemon curd base with meringue and pastry on the finish. Divine!

BUY IT HERE – https://www.true-vape.com/product/dinner-lady-lemon-tart/


Cosmic Coffee by Ohm Boy

Quite simply the best coffee e-liquid we have ever vaped! Layers of authentic coffee, creamy milk and sweet caramel that are infused with an icy finish for a delicious latte vape.  Not too icy, just right.  And no bitter harsh coffee taste like we’ve experienced in other coffee liquids. Just smooth latte goodness, perfect for a morning vape alongside a real cup o’ joe.

BUY IT HERE – https://www.true-vape.com/product/ohm-boy-volume-1-caramel-latte-on-ice-50ml/


Heisenberg by Vampire Vape

An absolute classic.  For many people, this is the e-liquid that got them off the cigarettes.  Our best-selling juice of all time, and the one that many vapers always go back to.  This was voted the UK’s best selling e-liquid 2017, and remains one of our all-time favourites. It has a fruity undertone with a cool crystal-like after sensation that will leave you wondering what it is, yet wanting more. Epic juice.

BUY IT HERE – https://www.true-vape.com/product/vampire-vape-heisenberg/


Mango & Passion Fruit by Just Juice

If you’re into your tropical fruits, you will love this delicious blend. It hits you like a smack in the face with some of the most authentic sweet and juicy mango that we’ve ever experienced. This is followed by an equally exotic tart passion fruit aftertaste that lingers for a while.  Magnificantly juicy, this is our favourite summer vape and a perfect e-liquid for warm weather.

BUY IT HERE – https://www.true-vape.com/product/just-juice-mango-and-passion-fruit/ 


Strawb Daiquiri by 7th Floor Cocktails

Sometimes an e-liquid nails a taste so perfectly that you have to take a minute to catch your breath and realise that you are actually vaping!  This delicious strawberry daiquiri flavour is exactly like drinking the famous cocktail. Fruity with citric tones, this cocktail flavour will stand the test of time!

BUY IT HERE – https://www.true-vape.com/product/7th-floor-cocktails-strawb-daiquiri/


Apple Doughnut by Beautiful Vapours

Our final juice on the list is an exquisite freshly baked apple filled doughnut. The tart apple centre compliments an irresistible mouthful of fluffy fried doughnut which is finished with a dusting of sugary sweetness.  Insane baked apple flavours and one of the most authentic doughnuts we’ve ever tried. 

BUY IT HERE – https://www.true-vape.com/product/beautiful-vapours-apple-doughnut/