Banana & Apricot | Jinx E-Liquid | 100ml

Unique is too small a word to describe this imaginative flavour. Our witches and wizards have really cast some magic to create what we think must be the greatest Banana e-liquid ever. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never turn back! On the inhale, your palate is treated to a fresh blast of tropical Banana before lust Apricots slide in with a syrupy sweetness. Exotic, sweet and totally refreshing, you won’t believe how good this flavour is until you’ve tried it!

Give Your Tastebuds Something to Talk About!

100ml-0mg nicotine

Price Includes 2 x 18mg Nic Shot Which Will Make 3mg Nicotine When Added
Get 2 Of The Following 100ml For £30-Jinx/Okay Orange/Lout/Yeti/One Hit Wonder/Kstrd

£18.00 Inc VAT

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