True Vape’s Vaping Glossary

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To help those new to vaping, we’ve put together a vaping glossary featuring some of the most commonly used terms in the industry…

Atomiser – The atomiser is the part of the e-cigarette or vaporiser that heats the liquid  (aka e liquid or e juice) in order to produce vapor. There are several types of atomisers each with different specifications.

Battery – The battery powers the atomiser and allows it to heat the e-liquid. Much like with atomisers, batteries also come in different sizes and have different attributes determining how long it can hold a charge and how strong of a charge it can deliver to the atomiser.

Coil – The part of the atomiser that directly heats the e-liquid into vapour. It is usually in contact with a cotton wick that delivers a consistent flow of e-liquid to be heated.

Dripping – The act of dripping e liquid directly on to the atomiser. This method is an alternative to having a fillable tank

Drip Tip – This is the mouthpiece that sits on top of the tank containing e-liquid. This is to protect your lips from the heating element, provide an ergonomic way to inhale vapour.

E Liquid – E liquid is the fluid that goes into the device to be vaped. It is typically made up of Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), and flavouring.

Electronic Cigarette – A battery operated device that delivers a nicotine (or non-nicotine based) liquid to the user in a vaporized form for inhalation.

Mechanical Mods – Unlike variable voltage mods, mechanical mods do not have an easy straightforward way of adjusting the voltage running from the battery. Users of mechanical mods manually build or fine-tune their atomizers to a certain resistance that they prefer.

Mouth to Lung – This is a style of vaping where the user takes vapour into the mouth then inhales into the lung, the same as you would smoke a cigarette.  Generall Mouth to lung devices use lower wattage and higher ohm coils to get this effect.  Combines with higher nicotine e-liquid, this method is the perfect replacement for smoking cigarettes.

Nic Salts – A nicotine salt is a more natural state of nicotine – closer to the form nicotine is found in tobacco leaf. It is made up of freebase nicotine bonded with one or more organic compounds to create a more stable molecule. 

Pod Systems – These are small vaping devices that hold cartridges filled with e-liquid.  These cartridges fit into the device which holds a built in battery. 

Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser (RDA) – An atomiser where one can manually build and wrap a coil and wick. This lends itself to the ability to choose different materials for the coil and wick each with different properties. E-liquid can then be dripped directly on the coils and wick.

Rebuildable Tank Atomiser (RTA) – Similar to a dripping atomizer where one can manually wrap a coil and wick. However utilises a tank to feed liquid to the coils and wick as opposed to dripping liquid manually

Sub Ohm Vaping – This is also known as ‘sub ohming’ or ‘direct to lung’ and is a style of vaping that generally produces larger clouds of vapor. Sub ohm devices use lower resistance coils that are less than 1 ohm (usually less than 0.5), hence the name ‘sub ohm’

Tank – This is the part of the device that holds the e-liquid that will be heated. 

Variable Wattage – Some devices allow users the ability to adjust the power flowing from the battery to the atomiser. This results in the ability to increase or decrease the amount and even flavor of the vapor produced.