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So, you’ve decided to get rid of the cigarettes and buy a vape but with so much to learn where do you start? The range of e-liquid flavours, different kits and various styles of vaping can become overwhelming – especially as a beginner. The aim of vaping is to help you quit smoking; this process might take days, weeks or months but with the help of an e-cigarette you can successfully make the switch. But where should you begin? What is recommended for a first time vaper?

Understanding vaping

It’s important you understand what it is and what it involves – remember this is different to smoking. Vaping refers to an electronic device that heats a liquid which is then turned into a vapour and inhaled. There are various kits and styles of vaping allowing you to find what’s best for you. The main types of kits include disposable vapes, starter kits, direct to lung kits, pod kits and pen style kits. Vaping is often used as a pastime but has become more well known for being a safer alternative to smoking and there is now 6.4% or 3.3 million of the British population using vapes. 

Choosing a vape that suits you 

With various flavours and devices available making a decision is no straightforward task. When you are new to vaping it’s best to choose an easy use device that can help settle you in. We recommend beginning with a starter kit; these are designed to provide you with the essentials and walk you through how to vape. They provide you with everything you need to try vaping for the first time. A starter kit includes a battery, coil, tank, mouthpiece and – in some cases – e-liquid flavours to experiment. This allows you to learn the basics. If you enjoy a starter kit then it’s easy to upgrade after and progress onto devices such as pod kits. It’s important to take advantage of the range of interesting kits available to find what suits you best. Disposable vapes are also a good place to start. This is an easy and affordable way to join the vaping world as they don’t have buttons to use and are a good way to mimic the experience of smoking. 

Choosing your e-liquid flavour and nicotine strength

With a range of flavours to choose from, where do you begin? Everyone has different preferences when it comes to flavours; some will like a more fruity twist and others enjoy a tobacco based taste. The great thing is there are hundreds to choose from and you can trial and error until you find the one that’s right for you. Whether it’s a smooth mango flavour or a there is something for everyone – it’s all about experimenting. As a beginner it may take longer to understand what flavour and nicotine strength works for you so it’s good to ask for advice and look into your existing smoking habits. When it comes to nicotine strengths it is based on your personal preference; most new vapers tend to choose 6mg-12mg nicotine based e-liquids as they aren’t as harsh and give your body time to adjust to the replacement of the nicotine levels. 

What to expect when you switch from cigarettes to vaping

When you start to vape there are things you may notice – all of which are very normal. As your body is switching from smoking to vaping it will react in different ways. You may experience coughing at first; this a normal reaction due to the sensation of vaping being very different to smoking. Vapour feels a lot thicker than smoke so once you inhale it can cause a slight cough until your body is used to it. You may also experience a dry mouth and throat so we would always advise to drink plenty of water to help avoid this. When making the switch from smoking to vaping everyone’s experiences will be different. Some people can pick up a vape and never look at a cigarette again whereas others will slowly cut down over time. Both are acceptable as it’s about doing what is most effective and what feels best for you. It’s important you vape like a vaper not a smoker; long, slow and steady puffs are needed on a vape to experience the best results. Although these may seem alarming to some, they are completely normal and will fade as your body gets used to the change. 

So what is recommended for a first time vaper? First of all have a good understanding of what vaping is all about then you can look into what vape, flavour and nicotine strength suits you best. Switching from smoking to vaping is an exciting process as it allows you to explore different options and become healthier in yourself. Take advantage of what’s available to you and experiment with different flavours, strengths and devices until you find what works best. 

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