What is Vapers Tongue?

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A fairly common side effect of vaping is the inability to taste flavour for a short period, often known as ‘vapers tongue’. But don’t panic, nothing is actually wrong with your tongue – the reason this happens is simply over-stimulation of your taste receptors.


Main causes of Vapers Tongue:

Giving up smoking – Ex-smokers are often the sufferers of vapers tongue as smoking cigarettes numbs your taste buds and reduces your overall sense of taste. These senses can simply become overwhelmed by the intensity of the flavour delivered from vaping.

Dehydration – Vaping causes dehydration. Two of the main ingredients of E Liquid are Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol (VG and PG). VG and PG soak up moisture and can cause dry mouth if you are not drinking enough water, which is turn stops the vaping flavours getting through.

Cold or Allergy – Colds, allergies, hay fever or any other sinus related issues can cause vapers tongue. Since your sense of smell is closely linked with your sense of taste, it can really effect the taste of eliquid.

Sticking to the same flavour – We all have our favourite ADV (All day vape). However over stimulation of the same flavour profile can cause vapers tongue


Top 5 tips to prevent or cure Vapers Tongue:

  1. Stay hydrated
  2. Have good oral hygiene
  3. Rotate different e-liquids
  4. Try a really bold flavour
  5. Smell some freshly grounded coffee beans


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